Quality Standards

Centon is committed to providing its customers with quality products, services and solutions that aim to exceed expectations at every level.

Quality By Design

Centon's attention to quality starts at the design phase. Centon designs for reliability and manufacturability, ensuring the best results for its finished goods.

Quality By Testing

Every single Centon Memory Product is subject to a 200% testing regimen to ensure reliability. All circuit boards are tested prior to assembly and finished goods are tested prior to shipping.

Quality By Service - 100% Customer Satisfaction

Centon guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by providing a true lifetime warranty, toll-free tech support, on-time delivery and order and shipment tracking.

Quality By Documentation

Centon is ISO9001 certified to ensure reliability in our products. We adhere to this quality process to guarantee compatibility with advance memory module designs and developments in SDRAM, RDRAM, SLDRAM and DDR that offer enhanced configurations.

Quality By Certification

All Centon memory products are designed to meet or exceed IPC, JEDEC and specific component manufacturer specifications to guarantee repeatable performance of all memory products.

ISO for Quality Control

Centon Electronics has developed a comprehensive business model based on the ISO 9001:2018 standard, GMP* and WCM** principals. In researching these principals, Centon took into account the specific needs of its customers in order to have the flexibility to meet customer requirements without sacrificing quality. ISO 9001 standards have been fully implemented into our product management and manufacturing departments, in order to produce consistent, reliable, quality products. Centon's product management procedures clearly document the product's specific physical, functional, manufacturing and testing requirements.

*Good Manufacturing Practices **World Class Manufacturing Services